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An Electrocardiogram (also commonly known as EKG or ECG), is an uncomplicated, pain-free examination, that evaluates the electrical functioning of your heart. Every single heartbeat is activated through an electrical signal that begins at the top-point your heart, and travels to the depth of it. Generally, Heart issues; affect the core electrical functioning of heart. One of the major benefits about electrocardiogram is that, the whole evaluation process conducted in just about 10 to 15 minutes. Although, an electrocardiogram is conducted only on the suggestion of an expertise medical doctor, still the common reasons behind conducting this test includes, a chronic pain in your heart, flickering racing of your heart, extra weakness without any hard-work, trouble while breathing, hearing a different kind of sounds from your heart. It's a simple test conducted to find out the best manner of treatment of any person.

We, at Shri Bhagwan Diagnostic & Imaging Center Pvt. Ltd, conduct this test with utmost sincerity and care for proffering most accurate results in the whole industry. Here we are leveraging the utter guide on Electrocardiogram, including reasons, preparation, process and everything linked with it.


There are several reasons, which propel a doctor to advise the patient for this test of the heart. Generally, if you are feeling or experiencing signs or symptoms that indicate towards a heart problem, then your doctor may advise you to conduct an Electrocardiogram. The Other generic reasons for going for Electrocardiogram are as follows-

  • Due to Chronic Pain in your chest.
  • Trouble While breathing.
  • Extreme fatigue or weakness in the body .
  • Extra pounding, flickering or racing of your heart, or experience the weird heart beating.
  • Finding of atypical sounds, when your doctor listens to your heart.
  • Finding of atypical sounds, when your doctor listens to your heart.
  • Doctor may advise for ECG to glean the sign of heart disease.

An Electrocardiogram is a simple, no-discomfort test, ideally conducted to evaluate the signs or symptoms about what kind of treatment will be preferred in a given case.


Well, Preparation for Electrocardiogram is also extremely easy. The Guidelines to be followed for preparing yourself for electrocardiogram are as follows-

- Doctor strongly recommends avoiding drinking cold water before the test, as it can cause differences in the electrical pattern, which records the whole test process.

- Doctors also strongly recommend avoiding doing any exercises before the test, as they play a major role in increasing the heart rate, which massively affect the test results.


The entire process of Electrocardiogram is really speedy, easy , and harmless to the patient, from any manner. The steps taken in the entire process of Electrocardiogram are as follows

  • First of all, the health care provider advises you to change your dress into a gown.
  • And After changing it, the technician, told you to relax on an exam table or reclining chair.
  • Then, A technician joints from 12 to 15 soft harmless electrodes, with a liquid gel to the different part of your body (including arm, chest and legs). However, the technician may have to shave at different small areas of your skin, to ensure that the electrodes, stick ideally with your skin. Every electrode has the size of quarters, which are to be attached to electrical wires, ideally connected to the ECG appliance.
  • Throughout the entire process of EKG, you will require to be lying peacefully on a exam table, while the ECG appliance, notes the electrical functioning of your heart and portrays the information on a graphical presentation. Ensure that you remain in one position, without moving, just breathing in the normal manner. Furthermore, remain silent for the whole test.
  • Once the evaluation is completed, these electrodes are ideally eliminated and discarded.
  • The Whole process of the Electrocardiogram is just about 10 minutes.


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