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An Echocardiogram is an examination that utilizes sound waves to generate lifelike images of your heart, permitting your doctor to scrutinize how your heart and its terms are working. An echocardiogram, also directed as an "echo," that actually help in finding the blood clots in the heart, liquid in the ideal sac about the heart, and issue with the aorta (main artery linked to our heart).

Echocardiogram is basically a key examination used for deciding the healthiness of heart muscle, commonly after a heart attack. Moreover, this test, also facilitate doctors in identifying heart defects in your unborn child. It's a painless process, but it does have some risk. Basically, a medical examiner recommends this test when he/she feels that you have some symptoms of heart problems. With sub-units like Stress Echocardiogram, Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE), Fetal Echocardiography, Echocardiogram has so many different units with different risks, process and precautions. For best results from tests of echocardiogram, a patient must gather all required information from his/her medical doctor.

We, At Shri Bhagwan Diagnostic & Imaging Center Pvt. Ltd wholeheartedly believe in the benevolence of our customers, and hence leveraged best of appliances and personnel for the ideal execution of echocardiogram. Here, we are leveraging the inclusive guide on echocardiogram, including the reasons, types, risk & process and everything linked with it.


Your medical consultant may recommend you an echocardiogram test, if you are presenting the symptoms of the heart issues. These problems generally include examining unbalanced heartbeats produced by quandaries related with heart chambers, values, or the ability of pumping of your heart.


There are several types of echocardiogram, and major types of echocardiogram are as follows-


It uses a custom transthoracic echocardiogram, but done after exercise or tandem cycling with medicine to increase your heart beat. This checks how your heart executes under stress.


It is the most renown echocardiography, which is pain-free and non-invasive In it a device known as a transducer, positioned on your chest (directly above your heart). This transducer, conveys ultrasound ways by your chest above your heart, a computer decipher the waves while bouncing back the transducer, this whole process generates the real live images & shown on monitor.


It is performed on the would-be mother, in the 18 to 22 weeks of her pregnancy. The Transducer is positioned over the woman's belly to observe the fetus for all kinds of heart problems. This test doesn't have use of radiation in it, thus considered secure for unborn baby.


If a transthoracic echocardiogram doesn't provide the required definitive pictures, then your doctor may advise you to conduct a Transesophageal Echocardiogram (TEE). In this, a smaller transducer is directed in your mouth through a slight, elastic tube, down to your throat. (Generally, the throat of a person is numbed, which make the process easier).


Basically, An Echocardiogram does not use radiation like X-rays, hence considered safe. But all different kinds of echocardiogram have different risk & processes attached to them, which are ideally guided by a technician or medical consultant if required.


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