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Nerve Conduction Velocity


A Nerve Conduction Velocity Test was conducted in the supervision of sound healthcare providers to evaluate how swiftly electrical signals travel through a precise peripheral nerve. It is also commonly known as a profound nerve conduction study and utilized in the meticulous diagnosis of nerve dysfunction or nerve damage. In a factual sense, the Nerve Conduction Velocity test allow the medical representative to exemplify the dissimilarity among an injury to the nerve axon (the fiber of a nerve) as well as damage to the myelin sheath (the shielding layer around the nerve). Moreover, this analysis also gives a significant part in symbolizing the distinction among nerve pandemonium or a circumstance where nerve break has exaggerated the muscles in the body. This whole examination is conducted by the prime association of Electromyography, which is ideally renowned for tracing and gathering the electrical signals conveying through the muscle of a human body. At Shri Bhagwan Diagnostic & Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd,

we conduct this Nerve conduction Velocity Examination with meticulous care and ultra modern appliances in order to ensure the safety of our valued customers and helping them get the most accurate results out of it. Here we are leveraging the utter absolute guide about the Nerve Conduction Velocity Test (NCV) Test, including purpose, reason, process, preparation and everything linked with it.

Super squat MRI Structure-

The marginal nerves are those nerves external to our brain and spinal cord. These nerves facilitate us in upholding and controlling our muscles and experiences utmost senses. Healthy nerves convey electrical signals with matchless celerity and enhanced strength when compared to damaged nerves, which is why a nerve conduction velocity is extremely utmost in evaluating the being, kind and extent up to which our nerve got damage for a patient.

In a literal sense, the Nerve Conduction Velocity test permits the health care provider to exemplify the difference amid an injury to the nerve axon (the fiber of nerve) and an injury or damage to the myelin sheath(the shielding layer around the nerve) Moreover, this test also plays a major role in epitomizing the difference amid a nerve mayhem or a state where nerve damage has affected the muscles. Having the ability to make these divisions is extremely imperative for ideal diagnosis, and for assessing a suitable course of healing manner. There is no risk linked with the test of NCV.


The Nerve Conduction Velocity test proved extremely useful for diagnosing a variety of diverse muscular in addition to Neuro-muscular disorders. A doctor may advise this test to the patient, if in any case they deduce a strained nerves.On the other hand, they may also use the Test Of NCV, if they wish to assess the presence of a nerve disease in the human body.
Factually, This test is ideally performed in the association of Electromyography (EMG), which is widely known for recording electrical signal transferring through the muscle of a human body.


One of the most significant necessities for this test, is the normal body temperature of the patient undergoing for test. The prime reason behind having a low body temperature is the trait associated with it. A body with low body temperature automatically slow down the nerve conduction process,which is very imperative for this test. Moreover, if the weather is extremely cold, then your doctor may ask you to spend some time in a warm room, before conducting the test.


If you are a regular user of cardiac defibrillator or pacemaker, then your physician should be informed about this above hand. The electrodes utilized in the test could really influence the electronic impulses of your medicinal appliance.


Plane, Patch Style electrodes are ideally positioned on our scalp(Skin) at some time gap over that nerve which is actually inspected. These electrodes proffer low-concentrated impulses, that actually arouse the nerve. This arousal or stimulation may feel like a moderate electric shock, though, it's not specifically painful from any aspect.
The impulses generated by this electrical current are inspected on a computer screen/ oscilloscope. The ideal monitoring system permits the health care provider to evaluate how swiftly the impulses are transferred by the nerves.


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