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An electroencephalogram (EEG) is an exam utilized to assess the level of electrical activity in the brain. Basically, our brain cells share or communicate with one another by the use of electrical impulses, and Electroencephalogram is ideally utilized to identify all the problems pertaining to this sector. Moreover, an EEG can be ideally used to keep an eye on functioning while any brain surgery. Plus, it is also conducted to assess the level of brain functioning in a person when he/she is in coma. But, an Electroencephalogram cannot proffer a depth of intelligence and not used to analyze mental illness. In general prudence, all the people suffering from any kind of brain tumor, memory issues, sleeping disorders, attack disorders, and head injury, should be advised by their medical representative for undergoing this examination.

The whole process of an electroencephalogram at Shri Bhagwan Diagnostic & Imaging Center Pvt. Ltd is about 50 to 60 minutes, i.e., approx one hour. Generally there are no risks associated with this test, and it is considered safe by al means But if people suffering with epilepsy and other seizure issues, then the stimuli exiting in the period of test may cause a seizure to them. However, the healthcare provider should be proficient enough to manage the patients, if such problems arise. Here we are proffering the inclusive guide about electroencephalogram containing, reasons, process, procedure and everything related with it.


Although Electroencephalogram used for accessing the brain disorders, the basic function of EEG is to identify the problems in the electrical activity of the brain that may be related to specific brain disorders. The exam conducted for EEG is utilized to confirm, to discard, or to notify about certain disorders, related to-:

  • Head injury.
  • Brain Tumor.
  • Memory problems .
  • Stroke.
  • Sleep disorders.
  • Encephalopathy, or brain dysfunction from different reasons
  • Attack disorders, with epilepsy.


Basically, all the electrical impulses of the brain will be ideally assessed during an Electroencephalogram. The whole examination will measure the extent of electrical functioning by different electrodes placed on your scalp. In a literal sense, an electrode is a conductor by which, an electric current can convey easily and safely. In the process of EEG, the electrodes attached to your scalp convey all the information from your mind through wires in an amplifier attached to a machine that compute and store the data. The steps involved in the successful implementation of Electroencephalogram are as follows-;

  • Primitively, you will be asked to lie down comfortably on an exam table or reclining chair on a bed.
  • The care providers will quantify your head and take a pen or pencil to mark where the electrodes will be linked with your scalp. No need to worry, as these spots will be easily cleaned with a unique cream that helps electrodes work at their best.
  • The health care provider will put sultry set glue on a number of electrodes (generally 16 to 25) and place them at different spots on your scalp. The electrodes exemplify the look of flat metal disks.
  • Once the process will start, the electrodes will start sending electrical impulse data directly from your brain to the footage-recording machine. This appliance will exchange the electrical impulses into live visual impulses, which represent very wavy lines with peaks and valleys.
  • The health care provider will direct you to do certain things in the process of Electroencephalogram. Follow the instructions sagaciously.
  • The time duration of the whole process will be ideally summarized in 40 to 60 minutes.
  • After completion of the process, the technician will call you to remove the electrodes.

Although during the process, electricity will pass amid the electrodes and your skin. But they will not send any sensations in your body, and you will face little or no pain and discomfort.


However, EEG is a normal test, which can be conducted if the person is normal. Still, it is advised to take the proper consultation from a doctor before conducting the same.


There are following points, which everyone should sagaciously consider while going for EEG.

  • It is strongly advisable to wash your hairs one night before going to EEG exam. Plus, doctors strongly recommend avoiding all kinds of conditioners, gels, sprays, before the test.
  • Consult your doctor in regard of the medications you have been taking, and see if you can stop them. Plus, don't forget to take all the list of medications to the technician conducting the EEG.
  • Avoid taking any kind of food or drinks with caffeine for a period of at least eight hours before the EEG test.
  • If you really need to sleep during the EEG, your medical consultant may advise you to sleep as early as possible before the test.


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