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Angiography is a kind of X-ray utilized to evaluate blood vessels in our body. The pictures created during the process of angiography are commonly known as angiograms. Generally, our heart is the exact organ which is ideally monitored thorough angiography. But, angiography is a complex examination, as our blood vessels don't causally appear with the help of a normal X-ray, which is why the doctors have to conduct a surgery and a substance known as contrast medium is inserted in the sphere being observed. This inserted medium actually highlights our blood vessels as it moves all the way through them. This angiography is also known as Catheterisation. This angiography is not only costly, but also painful to the patient conducting it.

But now with the aid of technology, angiography can be done on the normal single source CT scan. These Single source CT scans appliances trace the heartbeat of the patient, if the heartbeat is fewer than or equal to 60 heartbeats per second.

And if, the heart beat of a patient is more than that, then health care provider use a medication named as BETA BLOCKER for them, this medication does its wonder on the patients with enhanced heartbeat and reduces their heartbeat up to 60 heartbeats per second. But, taking Beta Blocker is not good for health and it has several side effects.

You may be wondering that, if angiography is painful, CT- Scan with Single Source has side effects, and then what should be the most unsurpassed way to solve this hassle. Well, for the benevolence of the society, Shri Bhagwan Diagnostic & Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd. has come forward with unsurpassed CT Imaging (CT-Somatom- Definition-Dual Source-Siemens). This Magical appliance does the absolute non-invasive angiography without the use of drug β Blocker, due to its highest speed possible with every heart beat and outcome with complete cardiac details of the half radiation dosage.


The Three Inimitable Traits of Noninvasive Cardio-Angiography are as follows-

1. NO SURGERY- Matchless CT Imaging (CT-Somatom- Definition-Dual Source-Siemens) conduct the Noninvasive cardio-angiography, which don't require any kind of insertion in your body to get the pictures of your blood vessels. Hence, it provides the absolute freedom to the patient from the devastating customary angiography pattern.

2. COST EFFECTIVE- We at Shri Bhagwan Diagnostic & Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd, works to proffer the best services possible in the technology sector for the benefit of the common man in the society. This non-invasive cardio angiography is not only pain free but also extremely cost effective, when compared to normal angiography.

3. NO SIDE EFFECT- The CT Imaging (CT-Somatom- Definition-Dual Source-Siemens) used by us for Noninvasive cardio angiography is one of the most renowned machine in the whole world, which don't only conduct everything at the fastest speed possible in the era, but also without the use of Beta Blocker, which shows side effects on the patient.

If you wish to know more about the Noninvasive cardio-angiography provided by us, then please don't hesitate in contacting us. We will be more than glad to assist you.


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