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All the products used by Shree Bhagwan Diagnostic & Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd, are of matchless quality and purchased while considering the traits of customer satisfaction and quality. As far as, CT Imagining is concerned, we used Siemens Dual Source, 128 Slice, unparalleled CT scanner to proffer most remarkable experience and results to our customers. This instrument proved as a blessing for the zillions of people around the world. We, at Shri Bhagwan Diagnostic & Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd, have initiated the use of CT-Somatom- Definition-Dual Source-Siemen to help people in saving from surgeries like angiography and surgery for kidney stone. Our appliance of CT Imaging proffers remarkable features by conducting non-invasive angiography without any utilization of a medication β Blocker, or any surgery of the heart. Its speed is exceptionally high which conduct everything in a fast and effective manner. Not only this, CT Imaging (CT-Somatom- Definition-Dual Source-Siemens) also gleaned the kind of the kidney stone, and help people solve their problem without any chronic surgery. Here, we are proffering the inclusive information about the unique feature of the CT-Imaging.


CT Imaging (CT-Somatom- Definition-Dual Source-Siemens) is the world's first and only dual source CT scanner with Two X-ray sources and two detectors, conducting their functioning at the same time. Moreover, what makes CT-Somatom-Definition-Dual Source- Siemens special is its prime proficiency of differentiating among the stones that comprises calcium Oxalate (lies between 70-80%) and uric acid stones (20-30%). With this differentiate, patients with the uric acid stones can evaluate their condition and quickly embark a medical therapy of Urine alkalinization for their early betterment. Earlier many patients of stone with uric acids, unable to find their state and opt for operations, which made them suffer a lot. Now, their CT-Somatom is here as a blessing to solve their chronic problem of stone with only medical therapy.


But now with the aid of technology, angiography can be done on the normal single source CT scan. These Single source CT scans appliances trace the heartbeat of the patient, if the heartbeat is fewer than or equal to 60 heartbeats per second. And if, the heart beat of a patient is more than that, then health care provider use a medication named as BETA BLOCKER for them, this medication does its wonder on the patients with enhanced heartbeat and reduces their heartbeat up to 60 heartbeats per second. But, taking Beta Blocker is not good for health and it has several side effects.

You may be wondering that, if angiography is painful, CT- Scan with Single Source has side effects, and then what should be the most unsurpassed way to solve this hassle. Well, for the benevolence of the society, Shri Bhagwan Diagnostic & Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd. has come forward with unsurpassed CT Imaging (CT-Somatom- Definition-Dual Source-Siemens). This Magical appliance does the absolute non-invasive angiography without the use of drug β Blocker, due to its highest speed possible with every heart beat and outcome with complete cardiac details at the half radiation dosage.

  • Blessing for Cardiac angiography- This CT imaging is the only DUAL source CT- scanner, that conduct non-invasive angiography without any intake of β Blocker( which is often considered harmful for health), as it possesses the matchless speed faster than every single heart beat with absolute cardiac details at half radiation dosage.
  • Low radiation dose CT- the CT-SOMATOM Dual Source-Siemens force allow a significant dose reduction of 50% when compared to today's leading CT Systems.
  • Quantitative Dual Energy-the CT- Somatom radically mounts the sensitivity and preciseness in Dual Source DE scan, which permit more than 30 % of higher energy separation. Moreover, the enhanced acquisition speed of about 258 mm/s, and wider range of relevance for obese patents allow more specific demarcation of tissue kinds in cardiovascular, oncology, and acute care cases.
  • Free Breathing-It's a renowned fact that avoiding movement dwindle motion piece and augment the image quality, but some children, uncooperative patients and people suffering from obesity are highly unable to hold their breath, which make the process highly complicated. Now this severe problem of breathing got solved, as every kind of patient can breathe while CT imaging with SOMATOM Dual Source Siemens


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