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Visual Evoked Potential is a test used to access the electrical functioning in the vision system of the patient. Before knowing further about VEP, let's know the process of vision. Whenever we see an image, a light from that image enters into our eye, which is transformed into electrical energy on our retina, and moves all the way through the optic nerve in order to get to the visual cortex of our brain, which ultimately processes and enable the VISION. Shri Bhagwan Diagnostic & Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd Visual Evoked Potential test, evaluates the potency of the signal coming in your visual cortex, and the speed of how swiftly it completed the process. The Visual Evoked Potential Technology of Shri Bhagwan Diagnostic and Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd facilitates us in shaping how your valued eyes converse with your mind in a manner entirely different from the one existing in the industry. In general prudence, this examination is entirely related with the proficiency of the signal entering your visual cortex,along with speed of completing the whole process. Here we are leveraging an utter absolute guide about the Visual Evoked Potential (VEP), including its purpose, manner of preparation, process and everything associated with it.


The core reason behind the implementation of this test is to proffer an all-inclusive knowledge to facilitate your medical examiner in superior planning for your treatment of your eye (if required) and supervising the outcomes of the tests.


The Test of Visual Evoked Potential is highly different from the others in so many ways. It does not require meticulous preparation like it needed in other tests. The only thing, it needs Is keeping your hair and face to be clean and liberated from any kind of gels, sprays, creams and oils.


First of all, it is highly recommended to take the shower one night before the test to remove all kinds of lotions oils from your body. The Test of Visual Evoked Potential requires your skin to be clean, dry and completely free from any kind of lotions/oils, so that the required sensory pads can be easily positioned on your head.
After placing the sensory pads on your head, the health care provider will embark the VEP test on you. S/he will gently ask you to cover one eye at a time to trace and collect each eye's retort individually. After the embarking of the test, you will encounter several black and white patterns that seem to flip swiftly again and again on a computer screen. It's ideally a task of looking at the outline for the time being of the test. The computer will ideally record the required information and form a report for the doctor's elucidation of the Visual Evoked Potential test outcomes.


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